Rochester Mazda Trade Difference

Here at Rochester Mazda, part of the Rochester Motor Cars Group, we conduct our trade process with one thing in mind - you. Using the same online tools as you, we are able to come together on a trade figure for your vehicle based on shared information and market value. Here is how the trade process at Rochester Mazda works:

  1. Bring in your vehicle for physical assessment. As much as we would love to be able to give you a bid over the phone, being able to actually see the vehicle gives us the opportunity to give you the most for your vehicle.
  2. Our Used Car Manager or representative will meet with you to go over any issues with the vehicle that you may have experienced. they will also go over if you have invested in any repairs on the vehicle recently.
  3. You and our Used Car Manager or representative, will take the vehicle for a short test drive to experience first hand how the vehicle drives and sounds. 
  4. Next, we send your vehicle into service for a pre-inspection by one of our Service Technicians. At this time, they will put your vehicle up on the hoist and do a brief look over to see if they can locate any necessary issues or repairs with the vehicle. This is incredibly helpful because then together we know what we need to plan for.
  5. Finally, we will go over the pre-inspection report together as well as look at online sources such as to come up with a agreeable trade value based on the shared information. There are no tricks. No haggling. Just straight forward, transparent information to make sure you get what you deserve for your vehicle.

Benefits to Rochester Mazda Trade Difference

  • No hassle, no haggling necessary.
  • Trade evaluations are based on real time market data.
  • Real cash trade values based on what your car is worth, not what you are buying. It is what we would actually write a check out for to buy your vehicle.
  • We buy cars; no purchase necessary!